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Horse riding

The uniqueness of POLANKA location influences the kind of horse riding we teach. Taking care of the safety of the riders and horses, we guarantee calm riding. We trot wherever we can, gallop wherever we can, however, we always adjust the pace to the skills of the riders and abilities of the horses. We are not keen of fierce gallops, races or crazy canters, and therefore you will not find quick thrill in POLANKA. Our horses (most of which we bred) do not know reckless escapades, thanks to which even unskilled riders may make use of this recreation activity. We invite people who have bad horse riding memories and would like to try to trust instructors and horses again. We also remind that horse riding knows no age-limit. No matter you are 20 or 70 – in POLANKA your dream to see the world from horseback will come true.

Sample routes:

Wzgórze Wielki Dział – riding around the Hill, passing bunkers of Molotov Line (in which a bunker with a cannon and a bunker with the original dome), a viewpoint and the former village of Dachany - 2h.

Monasterz – route leading to the ruins of a monastery on the hill - 3h.

Roztoczańskie Wąwozy – riding along deep Roztocze gorges – 2h.

Following the remains of forgotten villages – riding around the area of former Ukrainian villages: Stara Huta – Dachany – Zające – Chmiele - 3h.

Our offer:

  • horse riding classes for beginners: longeing and manège;
  • field riding in Roztocze forests;
  • sleigh riding;
  • walks combined with visiting interesting places and learning borderland history;
  • possibility of horseback tours organisation.

Horse riding pricelist:

from the centre from beyond the centre
longeing PLN 30/30 min. PLN 40/30 min.
- PLN 105/3-ride ticket
manège PLN 30/45 min. PLN 40/45 min.
– PLN 120/ 4-ride ticket
field riding PLN 30/60 min. PLN 30/60 min.
riding prepared horses PLN 40/60 min. PLN 40/60 min.
pony walk PLN 30/30 min. PLN 30/30 min.

ATTENTION! The horse riding offer is available for people under 90 kg (198.5 lbs).

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